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Sage Data Exchange is an easy way to get data in and out of your Sage 100 ERP© system from an external application. Sage Data Exchange was built on the latest version of PxPlus from PVX Plus Technologies©, taking advantage of the included XML and JSON tools to GET and POST Sage 100 ERP tables.

Sage Data Exchange Application
The application allows users to maintain tables that are not included in Sage 100 ERP, like users and product categories. Users are linked to specific customers or vendors in Sage 100 and their access is limited to common information and data specific to that customer or vendor. (For example, they can get a list of products through the API, but cannot get a list of customers.) Administrative User access is unlimited. (For example, administrators can get a list of all customers and all orders for all customers though the API.)

Sage Data Exchange API
Developers access Sage 100 data through resources in the API. All resources have a GET (default) method and most have additional methods to LIST or UPDATE data. See the API Resources in the table below.

Installation Application API Resources
  • PxPlus Web Service
    • Install PxPlus
    • PxPlus Web Configuration
  • Sage Data Exchange

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