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Resources are used to get and post data to Sage 100. Resources work with standard Sage 100 Business Objects to maintain database integrity.

Developers can create additional resources for their own business objects by adding a new Resource, entering the Sage Business Object and pressing the Import Data Sources button. Resource Maintenance will instantiate the Sage Business Object and import the Data Sources.


Resource Fields


Resources are created for each entity (Customer, Vendor, Sales Order, etc) that needs to post and retrieve Sage 100 data with your application.

Data Source

Data Sources are links to the tables associated with the Resource. For Sage 100 Resources, the name of the Data Source for main table of a Resource is always "MAIN". If the Resource has an associated detail table, as in Sales Orders or Sales Invoice History, the Data Source is "DETAIL".

Other Data Sources are tables that are linked to the main or detail. For example, the Terms Code Description for a Customer is not in the main Customer table. You would find it in the linked TermsCode Data Source, linked by the Default Terms Code.

Table Name (Read Only)

Table Name is just a reference to the table in Sage 100.

Type (Read Only)

Identifies whether the table is associated with the main or detail Data Source.

Read Only? (RO)

Generally, the MAIN and DETAIL Data Sources are the only read/write tables. The rest are Read Only.

Description (Read Only)

Description of the Data Source.


This flag is set to Yes (checked), if the Resource has an associated Detail. Otherwise, it is set to No (unchecked).

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